The Stranger



We see a 17 year old girl, KAITLYN, sitting on a couch while vigorously texting on her phone. JAMES and ANA, Kaitlyn’s 8 year old twin siblings, are chasing each other around the living room and knocking over everything in their path. MICHAEL and KRISTIN, Kaitlyn’s parents, are bustling throughout the house, packing suitcases and cleaning up the twins’ messes. The news is playing in the background.


There has been numerous reports of breaking and entering flooding in this snowy holiday season as the “White Bandit” continues his raids throughout the suburbs of Chicago.

We hear the doorbell ring.


Kaitlyn, get the door! It’s probably the Cliffton’s.

Kaitlyn rolls her eyes and walks over to the door. When she opens it, we see a 17 year old boy, GARRETT, an 8 year old boy, ERIC, and his two parents, GAIL and TOM, standing outside on the snow covered porch.


Hi Mr. and Mrs. Cliffton. Come on in.

The parents chatter amongst themselves in the background.


Ready for a night of screaming kids and wishing we were anywhere else but here?


Can’t wait!

We see Garrett walk inside past Kaitlyn. As she’s closing the door, Kaitlyn notices a suspicious looking car parked across the street and lingers a second longer to get a good look at it. 


Kids come in the kitchen! We need to talk before we head out!

We see the front of the house, now from across the street, and watch as Kaitlyn closes the front door. It’s as if someone is watching them.


Back in the house, Kaitlyn and the other 4 kids are sitting at the kitchen table as the parents stand around and look through their packed items.


(talking mainly to the younger kids)

Remember kids, we’ll be back tomorrow afternoon and if you need anything at all just ask Kaitlyn and Garrett.


Oh, I almost forgot! Garrett, we put Eric’s inhaler in his over night bag if he starts looking for it. And make sure he takes his medication before he goes to sleep or his lungs will spasm.


Yes mom, I know.


Ok, we got it, you guys can go now. The house won’t explode while you’re gone, don’t worry.

They all get up and walk towards the front door. All the parents exit the house.


Oh, Kaitlyn, one last thing. The security system I just installed on the house is controlled by the tablet thats inside the side table by the couch. Once you guys arm the house tonight, only that tablet can unlock the windows and doors.


Okay dad, don’t worry, we’ll be fine. Have a good night out.

The parents say their final good byes as Kaitlyn closes the door behind them.



We see Kaitlyn flipping through the channels on the TV, Garrett‘s sitting next to her on the couch, and the 3 kids running around throughout the house. James grabs Kaitlyn’s phone without her noticing and runs off to find the other kids.


So, haven’t really seen you in a while. Kind of weird having to spend the night together huh?




You know I mea-

We hear a noise come from upstairs.


What was that?


I don’t know… it sounds like it came from upstairs.


Where are the kids?


I don’t know… I thought they were in the family room…

Kaitlyn slowly gets up from the couch and walks towards the stairs.



Kaitlyn, wh- where are you going!


Shh! Come on!

We see Kaitlyn and Garrett slowly walk up the staircase. The house is completely silent. We hear a loud crash now from the same direction.


*screams in pain*


Oh my god, James!

Kaitlyn and Garrett sprint up the rest of the stairs and down the hallway towards the only door emitting light. They crash through the door.

We see Ana and Eric standing by the bathtub looking down in shock while James is holding a bloody cut on his leg and sitting on the floor by the toilet seat.


Katie, I fell…


You scared us half to death! What happened!

Kaitlyn spots her phone next to the toilet.


Why do you have my phone?!

We see Kaitlyn go towards her phone. Ana and Eric laugh and scream as if they were being chased by Kaitlyn. Eric hops from the bathtub towards the toilet and knocks Kaitlyn’s phone into the bowl.


Uh oh…

We see Kaitlyn grab her soaking wet phone out of the toilet bowl and watch as it flickers and dies.


You guys are dead.

Just as Kaitlyn is about to chase after the kids we hear a loud thud coming from downstairs.


Ok, now what was that?

We see the kids walk out of the bathroom and down the stairs towards the front door.

We see Kaitlyn look through the peep hole.


There’s nobody at the door.

We see Kaitlyn reach to open the door.


No, don’t open it!


Don’t be such a baby Garrett. It was probably just an animal.

We see Kaitlyn open the door and find an unconscious STRANGER laying on the doorstep.


Oh my god. Sir are you okay? Hello? Sir… Come on, help me bring him inside!


Are you crazy? He’s a stranger, what if he’s a psycho!


Well, he’s going to be a dead psycho if we don’t get him out of the snow. Just help me and then we’ll call somebody!

We see the kids pull the stranger inside and lay him on the couch.


James, take Ana and Eric upstairs.

We see James nod and run off with the other two kids.


Okay, let’s call somebody this is creepy.


Yeah, the landline is upstairs. My phone is done for so I won’t be using that the rest of the night.

We see Kaitlyn and Garrett walk back upstairs and into the hallway. Kaitlyn picks up the phone to begin dialing but it’s not working.


What the hell? It’s not working.


Maybe it’s broken? Is there another?


Yeah, in my dad’s study.

We see Kaitlyn and Garrett walk back towards the stairs. Kaitlyn abruptly stops halfway down the steps making Garrett stumble a bit.


Wait, where did he go?

We see the living room. The stranger is gone.

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  1. Joey Blue says:

    Cool concept – this is pretty original for WordPress. Good luck on your screen-writes!

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  2. busknwander says:

    Gripping, I’m hooked.

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